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Srixon 2019 Z-STAR XV Golf Balls | Golf Galaxy


Product Information

Elevate ball speed and distance while playing Srixon Z-STAR XV Golf Balls. Engineered for golfers with swing speeds at or above 100 MPH, Z-STAR XV Golf Balls deliver Tour performance from tee to green. Srixons thinnest, softest Urethane cover combines a 338 Speed Dimple Pattern and Spin Skin with SeRM technologies to enhance feel, ball flight and control at the molecular level. A FastLayer Core starts soft and gets progressively harder near the outer edges for exceptional feel and ball speed.

2019 Srixon Z-STAR XV Maximum Distance:

Z-STAR XV provides maximum ball speed for unmatched driver and iron distance. Its premium 4-piece construction gives skilled players complete Tour performance, tee to green


  • Swing Speed 100+ MPH
  • Launch - Mid-High
  • Construction - 4 Piece
  • Cover Material - Urethane
  • Cover Thickness - 0.020 in.
  • Compression - 102
  • Dimple Number - 338
  • Ball Count - 12 Pack

Spin Skin with SeRM Revolutionizing Spin, One Molecule at a Time:

  • Srixons thinnest, softest Urethane cover construction yet produces incredible performance
  • Spin Skin with Slide-Ring Material (SeRM) is a spin-enhancing urethane compound that coats the ball
  • Extremely resilient material enhances spin due to unique molecular structure movable cross-linking
  • Spin Skin with SeRM digs deep into wedge and iron grooves to maximize spin and stopping power
  • Engineered to provide the friction required for one hop, stop performance

338 Speed Dimple Pattern Go Straight in Any Wind:

  • Designed to improve overall aerodynamics for better flight performance with drivers, fairway woods and irons
  • Dimple uniformity and dimple occupancy characteristics combine to boost distance and stability in harsh conditions
  • Lower drag coefficient helps shots travel with less resistance for longer, more penetrating ball flight
  • Reduced drag lessens the effect of wind for straighter, more stable ball flight in windy conditions
  • Higher lift coefficient pushes up on the ball during decent for increased carry and distance

FastLayer Core A Core Thats Hard and Soft:

  • Srixon has engineered a core thats simultaneously hard and soft for balanced performance
  • Soft center gradually becomes firmer around the edges enhances feel from tee to green
  • Designed to give high speed players exceptional feel and plenty of ball speed
  • Brand : Srixon
  • SKU: 19486856

Buy the Srixon 2019 Z-STAR XV Golf Balls today and improve your game. Find product reviews and specs or compare products today at Golf Galaxy.Buy the Srixon 2019 Z-STAR XV Golf Balls today and improve your game. Find product reviews and specs or compare products today at Golf Galaxy.